Course Overview - Bachelor In Information Technology (BIT)[BIT]
Stream Science & Technology
Duration: 4yr, 8 semester
University: Tribhuvan University
Level Bachelor
College Offered 7

About BIT

A Bachelor of Science in Information technology (BIT) is a Bachelor’s degree for an undergraduate course in the field of Information Technology. Bachelor of Computing has risen as one of the most popular and demanding courses in the country. The computing curriculum is designed to cover all emerging market demands and provides in-depth and hands-on knowledge of the principles of programming. It is a 4 year (8 semester) course. BIT provides an undergraduate degree in the field of Information technology and computer science under the faculty of the Institute of Science and Technology (IOST) at Tribhuvan University, designed to provide the knowledge under Information Technology. The core unit provides fundamentals of information technology that provides the student with the knowledge and skills in programming, system design, computer networks, communication, software, and database. With such diverse skill sets and knowledge, graduates of Information Technology are a great fit for a wide range of workplaces in Nepal, from INGOs, NGOs, IT firms, banks, and Universities.

This is the 21st century where one can’t imagine his/her life without the use of information technology. Bachelors in Information Technology (BIT) offers several courses to fulfill the demand for new and future technology. The bachelor in Information Technology is an academic program comprising of core and advanced IT units. When the students get enrolled in four year BIT program at Tribhuvan University students get an opportunity to learn many subjects which are familiar to our daily life such as sociology, psychology, research, mathematics, statistics, economics, and some other elective subjects.


Why to Study BIT?

The main aim of running the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BIT) programs is to develop skills in related IT fields. This program develops the skills that are essential for both computer professionals and IT specialists. The design and implementation of the BIT course offer new challenges when compared to the traditional computing environment. The recent emergence of global business, new technologies for data processing and data communication, equipped specialized science graduates to focus on professional careers in Information Technology. BIT course is designed in such a way that not only students from science backgrounds can get enrolled in it but also students from management. The program provides in-depth knowledge of the principles of software design and development, as well as key operational aspects of computing. Technical skills such as systems analysis and design and project management are sought after by industry, with good opportunities available for progressing into management and leadership positions. The structure of this course is designed in such a way that a student who enrolls in this course will be benefited from different expectations like an extra programming language, projects for different NGOs and INGOs. They will get a chance to work in a team with different real-world programming and work management and communication tools during the internship.

Some of the prestigious positions of BIT graduates are :

1. Web Developer

2. Digital Marketing Expert

3. Analyst programmer

4. Application integration engineer

5. Application support manager

6. Computer operator

7. Computer programmer

8. Computer systems manager

9. Desktop support

10. Desktop technician

11.JAVA developer

12. Network engineer

13. IT consultant

14. Program analyst

15. Project manager

16. Software engineer

17. System administrator

18. System analyst

19. SEO specialist

20. Data Analyst


This degree is mainly focused on networking, software, and database. The information technology field is emphasized with programming, software engineering, computer networking, Artificial Intelligence, software development, network security specialist, mobile communication internet, and many more. BIT is introduced in Nepal to accept the globally changing information technology and to produce IT professionals.

The main objective of BIT in Nepal are:

  1. To give knowledge and skills of changing information technology.

  2. Give the knowledge to analyze, develop, design and implement computer-based systems.

  3. To develop skills in a student to accept the rapidly changing information technology.

  4. Provides knowledge and skills in software development, web designing and development, database and many more fields related to IT.

  5. To enable students to know the fundamental theories, knowledge, and skillsets of computer science and Information Technology.

  6. Providing an in-depth understanding of and experience with computer systems.

  7. Developing creative and analytical skills that provides a basis for technological problem-solving.

  8. Equipping students with the technical knowledge required for IT professionals to handle multitasking situations and to assess and develop computer-based solutions.

  9. Enable students to build their knowledge in hardware and networking to an extensive level.

  10. Imparting knowledge of computer and programming logic environment in IT.

  11. Knowledge of advanced IT applications in different business sectors.

  12. To equip students with the technical knowledge required for an IT professional to handle multi-tasking and multiprogramming situations and to assess and develop computer-based solutions.

  13. To provide necessary knowledge in the field of functional knowledge of hardware systems and the and necessary knowledge of computer software systems.


BIT has got a wide range of scope all around the world. In this modern era, Information Technology has made people more faster and competitive. With the advancement of technology in the world, a degree in computing is one of the most sought-after degrees in the world, and Nepal is no exception. The establishment of various IT companies, software development companies, and telecommunication companies has generated high employment opportunities for students with skills in web design and development, programming, application development, Networking, Robotics, and the field of Artificial intelligence. Information Technology is such a thing that no human can sit idle without using it. It helps in connecting the whole world digitally. Technology is continually growing, and we understand the need to adapt to this change. The changing technology is influencing every aspect of life in every country.

Admission Criteria of BIT:

Certain criteria need to be fulfilled by students to study BIT. The criteria is listed below:

  • Students should collect and submit the admission form to their interested college nearby. Generally, the admission form opens every year in the month of Bhadra/Ashoj.

  • No need to fill the form from different colleges, one form is sufficient to be eligible to attend the entrance exam for BIT. More than one form can be invalid.

  • Students must have secured 35% marks in entrance out of 100% to clear the entrance exam and get admission.

Eligibility Criteria:

Certain academic criteria need to be fulfilled by the students to be enrolled in a BCA program because the academic requirement is important. The Eligibility Criteria for BIT course is listed below:

  • Students must have passed +2 level/ 11 and 12 grade.

  • Students must have scored 2 CGPA with a minimum of D+ in each subject.

  • Students must pass the entrance examination conducted by TU FOHSS.

  • For A-level students, they should have completed 3.5 credits and should have been provided equivalence by NEB.

  •   Students from Management, Science, and Humanities can apply for this course with the above mentioned academic requirement.

  •  Passed 3 Years Diploma in Engineering program from CTEVT taking both English and Mathematics.

Entrance Exam Preparation:

BIT is one of the Best fascinating IT courses in Nepal. BIT is introduced in Nepal to accept the globally changing information technology and to produce IT professionals which directly deal with changing information technology. Government Colleges are the first choice for Students to study BIT in Nepal. There is a massive competition of students to get admission to Government College.  Every year TU IOST conducts the entrance exam for BIT from which around 5000 students will apply for this program. Out of which all of the students who got passed the entrance exam will get a chance to pursue their career in this program. Students should score at least 35 to pass the entrance exam out of 100.

There are numerous entrance preparation institutes for BIT among them Saral Shikshya is one of the best educational platforms all around the country. which help in the career development of the students and also help to enroll in Nepal's top and best colleges.  Also, publish its own BIT entrance Preparation book for the students from which students can get prepared on their own. Saral Shikshya is running physical as well as virtual classes and also provides online MOCK exams. It is located at Bagbazaar.

Scholarship in BIT Program:

There is no Scholarship scheme at government colleges because of the very reasonable fee structure. Saral Shikshya is one such educational platform that is serving quality education as well as helping the students to get 100% scholarships at different colleges. Saral Shikshya is also providing a COVID-19 Scholarship for 2000 students in different colleges.

Fee Structure of BIT course:

Fee structure of BIT in a government college is around Nrs.3,00,000 to Nrs.5,00,000 course can be found in college details in the website

Salary After Graduation:

IT is such a pleasant field where you can earn without completion of degree if you have skills and have the capacity to think out of the box. If you are interested in the IT field, you first have to study with full determination and work hard to get knowledge in different fields of IT. It is totally a skill-dependent field. More the skill/knowledge you have, the more you earn. There is no salary bound for the one pursuing this degree.  On average we can estimate starting from NRS. 15,000/ to 2,00,000/- and many more depending upon the job position you hold, the company you work for, and the Skill you have.

BIT College In Nepal

1. patan multiple campus, Patan Dhoka

2. Amrit Science Campus, Lainchor  

3. Bhaktapur Multiple Campus, Bhaktapur

4. Padmkanya Multiple Campus, Bagabzar, Kathandu

5. Birendra Multiple Campus, Bharatpur, Chitwan 

6. Mahendra Morang Adarsh Multiple Campus, Biratnagar

7. Central Campus of Technology, Dharan 

8. Bhairahawa Multiple Campus, Bhairahawa

9. Mahendra Multiple Campus, Nepalgunj

10. Siddhanath science campus mahendranagar kanchanpur

11. Ramsworup Ramsagar Multiple Campus 

12.Thakur Ram Multiple Campus, Birjung 

13. Post Graduate (Degree) Campus Biratnagar

14. Mahendra Bindeshwori Multiple Campus, Rajbiraj

15. Surya Narayana Satya Narayan Marwaita Multiple Campus, Lahan, Siraha